Secondo, 642 Voltaire Road and Coldharbour Lane


Secondo is in a few places – its in the centre of Brixton market (between Rosie’s deli and Franca Manca), in Coldharbour Lane and I’ve just discovered the newest one, opened a month ago next to Clapham High Street station on Voltaire Road (opposite Tsunami restaurant).  Secondo is a pretty cool place.  The Clapham version has a cafe, selling nice coffees, quiches and cake, a vintage clothes and shoes shop where I spotted a vintage pair of Miu Miu shoes for £30 and some pretty cool fake fur jackets and retro woolen jumpers. 

The Clapham version is bigger than in Brixton and the venue under the arches of the railway station really suit it.  I liked especially the “caravans” at the back of the shop where the toilets are and the fact that you can grab a coffee and just wander around.  It is certainly the coolest place in Clapham and the people sittiing in the cafe were certainly pretty funky.  I understand from my yoga class that they do DJ nights and serve booze so worth checking out what’s on.

On 28th November 2009, they are having their opening party in Clapham – the grand vintage ball – should be worth a visit!

UPDATE:  Had a very enjoyable coffee and shop at the Brixton version on Coldharbour Lane this weekend (the shop in the market appears to have closed down).  There were no tables at Rosie’s as usual so went to Secondo and had a lovely cappucino while listening to French radio.  Then had a wander round but not really long enough – loved the tweed hats and floral dresses, definitely worth popping in!

8 responses to “Secondo, 642 Voltaire Road and Coldharbour Lane

  1. Secondo sold my clothes 8 months ago and still haven’t paid me. I’ve contacted the owner, Robert Beckford, about fifteen times by phone, text, email and letter and all I get is excuses. I don’t know whether he’s chronically disorganised or a crook. We shall see. I do hope that he will soon give me a good reason to retract this comment.

    • Oh dear Nick, I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t think Robert is a crook – if he’s the guy that works there, he is always lovely when I see him and fixed El G’s coat for a really great price.

      This may be a stupid question but have you gone in to speak to him face to face? It might be a good way to push things along and then you can gauge his reaction.

      Sorry again and hope things work out for the best.


      • Nick Horley

        Thanks for your kind words Sasha. Robert is not often there – as well as the two Secondo branches he has a jazz bar in Dalston and a family in Berlin, and I’m in the US all year so it’ll be a while before I see him. Here he is Have you met him?

        I’ve contacted him by letter, phone, text and email and he’s given me nothing but excuses. Way back in November when I took him my clothes he said he would pay me by Paypal, but his last excuse was that he doesn’t even have an account. I’ve spoken to him several times but he always denies that he’s received my letter, texts and emails. I’ve given him my email address over the phone – he always promises he’ll be in touch but nothing happens. I doubt he ever had any intention of paying me. It’s also worth noting that his website,, has been suspended. It seems he’s just one of those slippery characters who doesn’t pay his bills.

        If you’d like to hear his side of the story, do call him on 07525 026962 or email him at . It might make him realise that I’m not going to go away just because I’m in the US, and that his reputation is at stake. I am reporting his failure to pay me on as many sites as possible.

        If you want to verify my ID, my email address is at the end of this article I wrote

  2. This is Robert Beckford and i would like to clarify this situation. Nick Horley has given me some clothes to sell on his behalf. The clothes are still in the shop (ie nobody bought them) and he can come and collect them whenever he likes. Our agreement was that i would pay him if and whenever the clothes sold…but this hasn’t happened yet…so I am happy for him to come and get his stuff as soon as possible since he is spreading rumors about my business which are not true. As for the texts and e-mails he claims to have sent me, i did not receive them.

    • Ok I hope this is the start of you guys sorting things out. I realise there are strong feelings on either side but don’t like my little happy blog being taken over by your dispute – please do contact each other to sort this out as it seems like a misunderstanding.

      Best wishes to you both,

      Sasha x

    • Robert is such a terrible liar – I went to his shop two weeks after he’d put my clothes on sale, in the hope of retrieving some of them. He insisted they’d ALL been sold! It’s impossible to believe a single word he says.

  3. I booked my birthday with secondo last month, it was such a great place to have my birthday party. My guests had an amazing time. Will recommend it to anyone who wants to hold an event. Loved it…..

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