Adulis Restaurant, 44-46 Brixton Road, London


El G and I tried this place as its near us and something a bit different.   And we were really pleased we did. 

Adulis is an Eritrean restaurant which serves delicious food and tries to teach you something about Eritrea by its menu and artefacts on the walls.  Service was friendly and patient (they were used to people asking about the menu) and it was really busy on a Saturday night.  Inside was warm and cosy.  We ordered the meat feast which came in a large bowl and which we ate with our fingers using sort of pancakes.  Spicy and tasty and definitely filling.  Makes for a fun experience and was super cheap – definitely something different for a group of friends.

Adulis on Urbanspoon

One response to “Adulis Restaurant, 44-46 Brixton Road, London

  1. I agree with the majority, adulis is the best Eri/Eth restaurant in London

    Amber S.

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