Yoga class – Hot Power Yoga, Clapham North

As a busy person who worries about everything, always, I really like this class. 

I’ve tried ashtanga which was great but a little dull, and I’ve tried Bikram in a 40 degree room full of sweaty groaning people and almost died.  This is a nice mix of both. 

Hot Power Yoga is athletic yoga in a warm room around 30 degrees so you relax in the heat, sweat a little and your muscles get pretty flexible (but you don’t come out pale and gasping as I did in Bikram, shudder…).  The class is also really small with between 4 and 8 other people in it (update: it isn’t now – there’s about 40 people there!) , so it feels intimate – you get to know the others there and the teacher knows your name. 

I go to the gym so I like a good workout and physically, it’s tough enough that you sweat and your muscles hurt, and you should check out the shoulder muscles on the people that go regularly, wow! It also makes me so much more flexible and supple. However, its not just about getting a good body (although I’d like this too please).  They have a holistic approach – much of the teaching revolves around you leaving your worries and your busy day at the door, and spending your practice concentrating on YOU.  It makes me forget my latest to do list and worries, and for that one hour I don’t think about anything else other than how my body feels – which I find is a great stress relief. 

There’s also enough “hippie” vibes to keep me happy – a few ohms, Indian chanting and incence, and sometimes the teachers will read inspiring words to you while you practice.  Stretching out while your teacher reads from Kahlil Gibran – what’s not to love?

UPDATE:  Hot Power Yoga is doing free taster passes for newbies – check out their website above and call first to book in.  Make sure you mention that you read about them on the HPL blog.

UPDATE 2 April 2011: Photos from the HPY facebook page. Just went to my first yoga class in a month and it always impresses me how relaxed it makes me. Its 1.5 hours a week devoted entirely to yourself and your body, and the practice is complicated enough that it empties my mind for the only time of the week. I was also impressed with the feeling of community they’ve got going – the energy in the class, the retreats and socialness of it all. If you’re looking for a yoga class in SW London then its highly recommended.

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